Sashi Brown: The Answer to a Question

I was asked this morning by a member of the Nonsense Nation “Why does every criticism of Sashi Brown start with “He’s an Harvard educated lawyer” This was my answer:

Because (at least from my perspective) it shows a pattern of “smarter than you” attitude that permeates every time you hear him speak as it relates to the team and the decisions that are made . Of course its not a bad thing to be Harvard educated..If given the opportunity any of us would like to have studied there.

I do not know Sashi Brown personally. He may be a tremendous person and I have no doubt he’s trying to be successful at his job…but let’s face it ..he’s not. The criticism of “being a Harvard educated lawyer” comes from me because it’s how he was touted to us when he got the gig. You can’t tell the world you are smart, do dumb things and expect everyone to just trust you. Two years of complete incompetence and a total lack of doing anything positive other than collecting draft picks (to whiff on I might add) and helping this thief of an owner pocket millions of dollars in unused salary cap money is why he’s made my list.

You don’t have to have played (although I think it helps greatly) to be good at this job. There are a handful of people I know right now who if they were lucky, played high school football, that I’m positive could succeed where EVERYONE not just this current regime that’s in place, have failed! The worst stretch of football in the league’s recorded history (maybe tied if you count the expansion Bucs in the 70’s , who BTW made the playoff in year three!), with zero end in sight all, has his fingerprints.

So a “Harvard educated lawyer” at least this one anyway…is probably better suited “protecting oil companies from litigation” or a more real life example “a truck stop owner who is in a bit of a spot legally…I don’t know… something about rebates and maybe knowing something about fraud??” than he is running my favorite NFL team. I didn’t have to go to school in Cambridge, Massachusetts to know that!


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