Meet the TBF Team

These Guys Bring the Nonsense:

Patrick Langdon -Host 

Co- Founder/Host of the show and its “un-elected” Creative Director , Pat has seen everything this show was, is and can be. He brings opinions (all the time…I mean he hardly stops to take a breath, Geesus!!) based in some semblance of reality (sometimes.. we think) and never losing the crazy fan like behavior that comes from living your entire life in Cleveland.  His “up hill – both ways” style and his outward disdain for math have become regular fodder for the group.  Is fluent in baseball, and pop culture and has a working knowledge all sports except tennis and why people love soccer. Oh he’s also the Meteorologist in chief of TBF. 

Danny Boyce- Host

As a Co- Founder/Host, Danny has been here forever…kind of the same way he’s felt about at Lino’s. Danny is all about the numbers and he’s got the charts and graphs and spreadsheets and “you’re wrong and let me tell you why’s” to prove it.  To say Danny isn’t opinionated is like saying  Kim Jun Un is a guy you’d invite over for your Super Bowl Party.  Danny is fluent in EVERYTHING, has seen every bad movie ever made and is a guy you want on your team if you are playing full contact Trivial Pursuit.  When he’s not looking at somebody sideways for being wrong..he’s the President of the Ami Dolenz Fan Club. 

Terry Heil-Host

Terry joined TBF strictly because when we first re-launched the show we needed someone to reach stuff on the very top shelves at Sports Highlights. But after he started to talk we knew he needed to be part of “the nonsense”.  Probably the nicest guy on the dais, don’t let that fool you though, he can cut you down to size quickly if you trip up on a math problem or have an opinion like Michigan is a good ! He’s a huge fan of sports with a encyclopedia for a brain and holds a masters degree in pop culture reference.  But his favorite people on the planet are the ones who root against Duke! I think if he had to talk to Christian Laettner he might cut out his tongue…(Laettner’s that is..because Terry ain’t giving up talking!!)

Dave “Harv” Friedman -Host

And then there’s Harv! Every great show has a villain..ours is no exception. Harv is the “one they love to hate”. Not without good reason though. His borderline obsession with “that team up north” has anyone he comes in contact with either despising him or hoping he seeks profession help. He brings the unpopular/dissenting opinion to EVERY topic and we haven’t quite figure out if its deliberate or he’s just that wrong all the time!  He is a lover of tainted jellybeans and other things nobody should ever think of eating (read: Carolina Reaper Cheese)  and will compete on the next season of  “America’s Next Top Goof” along with talking sports here at TBF! He says his dream is to have Jim Harbaugh sleep over!