Meet the TBF Team

Patrick Langdon  

Co- Founder/Host of the show and its  Creative Director , Pat has seen everything this show was, is and can be. His style is “up hill both ways” but he loves his teams, and his city! A former college baseball player, Pat is a fan of all things sports, comedy, and science…not a big fan of math though!

Danny Boyce

As a Co- Founder/Host, Danny was here when TBF started and has seen the show through every turn.  TBF’s resident analyst and statistician.  If there’s a sport, Danny can track, decipher and conclude what should be happening.  He has seen more bad movie and TV than even the people who starred in those gems!  

Terry Heil

Terry joined TBF as  out “voice of reason” early in the shows relaunch and has brought a level of not only preparedness but some  of the best interviewing skills you will see out of someone who doesn’t really do this for a living. A two sports athlete in college, he brings an abundance of enthusiasm and dedication to brings our listeners the best product possible. He’s our resident high school sports guru! 



John brings a great fourth voice to the mix full time after filling in part time for the last year.  His vast knowledge of sports and pop culture makes him a perfect fit to the TBF crew.  We think you’ll agree!  Welcome aboard !