Bye Bye Bye

BYE BYE BYE…by Patrick Langdon

No this isn’t another Cleveland Browns story although that would fit. It’s a story about Kyrie Irving’s return tonight but more importantly the Cavs honoring him with a video tribute. On the surface I guess I understand it. He hit the greatest single shot in franchise history and was a big part of two Finals runs (he was hurt for the one in 2015) and overall a better than average player during his time in wine and gold. I guess what I don’t understand is honoring a guy who for all intents and purposes turned his back on the team and the city for an “attention grab”….a selfish act of self promotion that may endear him to his fellow “me first” NBA’er including his mentor in this Kobe Bryant…but not to me!

The fans of this city and this team will never feel the same about him ever again. Maybe he cares maybe he doesn’t but rest assured he learned nothing from LeBron when it comes to leaving. I get that he was unhappy as a 20 something millionaire can be I guess, playing second fiddle in the band to “the greatest player on the planet” cannot be easy. But alpha dogs stand up and take the lead not duck and cover. For all the circus that surrounded LBJ’ s departure to South Beach you could NEVER question who was leading the fray.

Kyrie had four years of this being his team and voila nothing!! Winning follows alpha dogs. Kyrie ran off the porch to chase the mailman and I don’t mean Karl Malone…with the hopes of catching a hint of the individual success LeBron has garnered his entire career. Boston may be a great sports town…but you haven’t failed yet KI…wait! Wait until you realize that you and Gordo aren’t Bird and McHale…wait until you see the Cavs lost you and STILL got better as an overall team. Wait until you are home watching the Finals just like me and just like me wishing you would have seen the light and not have yourself blinded by it! All those Bostonian will show you how great a sports town Boston is…if by great you mean fickle. Ask John Farrell if he thinks its a great town nowadays!

To paraphrase Clubber Lang “Don’t give this sucker no tribute give him guts!” You may disagree with me when I say that he didn’t show guts in leaving ..maybe you think it took a great deal of them. I think it took one thing and one thing only “entitlement” and “jealousy” (I know but i hate math!!) He talked bad about the organization, the team, its star and the city!All to jump off the a winning ship…Relish what he did here yes…glorify him never. The only thing the Cavs should give him tonight is a L and directions to the door!

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