Gone Like a Hanging Slider

Let’s just say Bryan Shaw and I won’t be exchanging Christmas cards anytime soon. But if I’m being sincere, I have to give credit where credit is due. When he was “on” he was unhittable…that’s a fact that even his biggest critics (which I will include myself in) can’t deny. Unfortunately, when he wasn’t , the reverse was true and for us fans and I’m sure even some of his former teammates (human nature) that seemed to happen to this guy in a lot high pressure situations. I guess on the surface, it would be easy to say “he sucks!” or “why is Shaw in here AGAIN!” but if you (I will not include myself in that) say “In Tito We Trust” you have to say he trusted this guy more than just about anyone on the roster. I guess you can say if they didn’t think he could handle leverage he wouldn’t be out there in high leverage situations. One thing’s for sure, they need to figure out who the next guy up is because the now have hole in the bullpen…and if the Rockies aren’t careful they may have a hole in the sky above Coors Field if Shaw’s slider hangs in that thin air! Thanks for the fodder Bryan…#RollTribe

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