His En”Dorsey”ment!

As much as Darnold struggled last evening…there is zero doubt the kid can throw the football. Not all his fault because it never is….unless you are Kizer! lmfao. But again, if John Dorsey says “he’s the guy” THEN HE’S THE GUY. I would say there may be someone (or someones) in Nonsense Nation with ability to recognize and aquire football talent better than Sashi Brown but there’s not one of us that would be better at it than John Dorsey has proven to be in his career. This isn’t a “trust the process” thing. This is trust the man…the only guy ever hired by this organization that has ever proved anything at this level! If he says “we take Darnold” go get your #14 jerseys Dawg Pound! Go Browns!

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