I Feel For You

I Feel For You…By Patrick Langdon

“Did you see that? What a tremendous baseball game!” Unfortunately, a lot of Tribe fans couldn’t because well Major League Baseball screwed up. I feel bad for those who couldn’t watch because it was one of those “WOW” games!

The first two games of this ALDS have been broadcasted on FS1 and MLB Network (un)respectively…two networks that aren’t on wide distribution and are more advance (see pricey) tier level choices on most cable and satellite providers. Why in the world would you shut out fans when it matters the most? Its completely the opposite of all the other major sports who broadcast their playoff games on broadcast and cable channels that everyone even at the basic level have (except hockey who shows games also on NBCSportsNet occasionally) . There’s no reason every game can’t been seen by everyone….you (MLB) have chosen to prove otherwise.

The idea of televised sports is eyeballs…that’s how they get advertising revenue. MLB is going against the stream by shutting out potential consumers. You want more fans not less right…or am I missing something? There have been hints of “free previews” and “where to find the game” but from the people I’ve talked with it hasnt been the case for them. I have a simply solution to this whole cluster of suck…both FS1 and MLB Network are Fox based products (or at least have a working agreement with Fox in MLBN’s case) and can simulcasted on STO (or FoxSportsOhio)…you know that station the carries the Tribe for what 155 games a year? Instead of having people hunting and bitching and throwing their remotes at the wall…maybe exercise some common sense and get everyone back in the game by making the greatest game ever invented AVAILIABLE! Its not that difficult to grasp MLB…you can’t build your fan appeal by alienating fans you already have. Stop being greedy and short-sighted and do the right thing. Your fans deserve better!

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