It’s Just a Job They Do

Last evening we were sitting post show at Lino’s enjoying the continued misadventures of the Tribe bullpen and Jason Kipnis (who i’m now starting to feel bad for because he’s at point where if they took all the fielders off the diamond he’s still find a way to make an out… prolonged (slump) doesn’t seem to cut it as an adjective…this is a free fall) and Ty Lue being confused by all the people and bright lights and his cast of disinterested men. It made for a pretty fun evening if your idea of fun is feeling like you’ve been kicked in the balls. I know, I know, the Indians are still in first place and the Cavs are in the Eastern Conference Finals although I’m not sure anyone has told them that because they are playing like they are playing a back to back in mid December. But its a funny thing …that 12 letter word that starts with E….EXPECTATIONS! I expect this to matter to these guys on these teams as much as it matters to me. Thats where i’m a fool. Sports, the playing of and spectating at are such an ingrained thing to some of us that its almost like breathing…it’s sustains life. But truth be told its not and never was. Still to this day I want to believe the fairy tale that I had grew up thinking was true …that these guys are superheros here to deliver us from mediocrity. Even though I’ve know for a very long time that they are just men…who put their pants on one leg at time just like us,,,except when they are done putting their pants on..they go out and go to their jobs…which currently seems to be disappointing their fan bases. Is it their intent? No…Is it wrong to expect more from them in their job than we do of ourselves in ours? Sure…but like my esteemed colleague Danny Boyce always says “there isn’t anyone paying money to see you facilitate! ” To us this is an “US” things…source of pride and purpose. To the vast majority of these guys it’s their 9 to 5…the money they make has no baring on that fact. I heard people last last night saying “Why the hell is JR still in there with zero points again?” Well I heard that because mostly it was me saying it…but its a valid question….from a fan. Why does Francona insist on allowing Greg Allen to hit in the ninth or Kipnis at all or any of the hundreds of questions I have for the Indians skipper? The answer is this “it’s none of logjam business Pat! ” All franchises say “its about the fans” but nothing could further from the truth…they care about fans as it relates to the bottom line of their for profit business …Their decision making process has nothing to do with fans in season or off season… and that goes triple for the players themselves…you think Jason Kipnis or Jeff Green give a damn about some soon to be 49 year old never was sitting at a bar yapping about how horrible they are at their game? No they are just trying to get done with their shift and get home to their families or out for the night because they have to do it again tomorrow or Saturday. or whenever they work again. To us its live and die with every everything them its Wednesday. The fan in me calls BS on that …the adult in knows its true. God I hate being an adult!

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