Just Say No!

If the abomination of their play on the field and the subsequent empty seats that came with it doesn’t bring about change, explain to me how a potential thousand frozen and most likely drunk idiots milling about the plaza between the stadium and the Science Center are going to be taken by the organization as anything other than what most of us see this formerly called parade and now known as a “protest”as…. a disgrace. Whatever their message is trust me this team, this owner, this league doesn’t care. The team has grown in value every year …let that sink in for a minute. You really think they give a danm that a bunch of “look at me’s” are going to walk around the stadium with funny signs in one hand and Bud Lites in the other? I wouldn’t put it passed Haslam to have vendors out there selling stuff to the “greatest fans in the league” Enjoy the cold people …you should be used to it…we have been out in it since 1999. You won’t topple Jimmy …because even if you do, he’ll have a huge pile of your cash to cushion his fall!


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