Pat’s College Playoff Solution

Here’s Pat’s College Playoff Solution:
6 teams.
Conference Winners ONLY of the Power 5..and 1 at large bid.
Under this system the following would be the teams:
Clemson/Miami Winner
Oklahoma/TCU Winner
Georgia/Auburn Winner
tOSU/Wisconsin Winner
Stanford/USC Winner
Alabama or *UCF (*Best record of the rest)
Just a verifiable strength of schedule is needed for seeding, but top two seeds get a bye. Others play a week before the semi’s…then the semi’s and the final!
You want in? Win your conference..simple! Just like in the NFL where a team can go 8 and 8 win their division..a two or three loss team could conceivably win their conference and make into the playoff. Takes the guess work out and put the emphasis on where it should be…every game of the regular season. Notre Dame either has to join a league or win all their games…otherwise they’ll be watching from the outside too. Can’t have your own rules and expect everyone else to play by them !
That’s my solution…Would like to hear your if you have one!

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