Shooting Star

I understand that some are fed up with manufactured drama that seems to surround LBJ. But temperamental superstars are nothing new. We just haven’t seen one here in Cleveland…well ever. Maybe… maybe Jim Brown was the best football player ever and maybe he was thought of similarly but nobody that has played in the 216 has ever transcended their game on a global scale like LeBron. It’s not up for debate anywhere other than on national sports talk shows who the best basketball player in this planet is. Its this 33 year old kid from Akron…and its not even close. Only in a world where the press helps determine things like MVP’s can there be a question of who wins that award. He should win it every year. But like all stars …he has a tremendous gravitation pull and things struggle in his pull. Ask Kyrie Irving. He used every bit of energy to escape the mass that is the orbit of LeBron James. To play and succeed with this man looks easy but requires hard work. His work ethic and his demand on winning is not for the faint of heart. He doesnt always need teammates to be sucessful but when he calls he expects you to pick up. That is not a bad thing…because despite the troubles of some of the higher profile players in recent times he still get them their shots. Ask Kyle Korver and even Kevin Love. That might be rediculed as “he won’t take THE shot” but I thinks its what great leaders do. They recognize who is the best option and put them in place to make a play….If it’s him like in game 5 it’s him. But we are lucky to have witnessed this comet of a player not once but twice in our lifetime and while we have no idea where the future orbit takes him and for how long he’ll continue to light up the sky, I can say with great confidence that we will never see his likes here again. So my advice is continue to live and die with every basket, every rebound, every steal and assist…every game. Because when its done it won’t be that bright around here again.

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