The Blame Game

Yes! Finally the Cavs have blamed their poor play squarely where it belongs…Kevin Love! Are you frigging’ kidding me with this? The dude is going for almost 20 and 10 a night and he’s the problem? On the list of things wrong with this situation Kevin Love isn’t even in the same area code of the biggest issues. But lets lay at the feet of the ONLY guy who since he’s been here has NEVER popped off about anything. If you are looking for culprits start with your real superstar! His backroom GM’ing and coaching for that matter have lead you down this path to once again salary strapped and another one of his departures looming. This season has a very familiar feel to it as if its exactly how they looked when he left the first time. You parted ways with, arguably your best player in Kyrie Irving (I don’t think he was…but its hard to argue it currently) and you traded him to a team that you are competing with in the East mind you, the gm that built your championship caliber
team but who also gave ridiculous contracts to role players at your superstars request mind you, you have a coach completely out of his depth, you added OLD to and already veteran roster and I’m sorry a cancer from Boston who’s only goal seems to be looking out for himself. But by all means blame Kevin Love. It’s not JR can’t hit a shot or play any defense. It’s not Tristian who went Hollywood. It’s not Crowder who seems like a matador on defense and hoists up three like his life depends on it. No its not any of these things… its Kevin Love thats the problem. IF LeBron sat there and listened to this or even more scary was the ring leader in this preposterous excuse for a team meeting and didn’t say “you all need to look in a mirror” then he’s exactly who I always thought he was…A tremendous basketball player with ZERO leadership abilities. The day is coming when there will be no more LeBron…if its this July so be it… if its in the future that would be good too. But until he shows some actual leadership skill and put this group in their proper place as the head of the franchise (and make no mistake thats what he is) the blame will always fall “ON SOMEONE ELSE” or exactly how he likes it!!

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