The State of The Show

Well its been a year since we re-launched TalkBackFans and what a year it has been. Since Danny and I thanked our former co-host Joe Hannum for his many years of contributions and pushed the boat back in the water it has been one hell of a ride. We added two co-hosts in Terry Heil and Dave Friedman aka Harv to the mix along with the TBF 2.0 crew Alex, Brandon, Andrew and Colin contributing along the way. We set out to be the most interactive sports show in town for the fans…because thats who we are and thats who’s voice we want to hear. We went from just audio to full blown video and everything in between. We got back online along with launching our own youtube channel…We’ve been able to book some incredible guests…do some great remote shows from as far away as Cincy and as close as our own backyard! But mostly we’ve been able to build the Nonsense Nation with the help of all of you. The Nation is strong and we are working to keep that way. We have a great schedule of events already on the books and putting together even more with the help of some great venues and guests! “Expand the Reach” is what we are trying to do everyday. We are looking forward to doing just that in our second year. The Nation is indeed strong…long may it reign!!

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