Uphills Both Ways (aka Pat’s Rants) #1

What’s wrong today? That can be summed up with yesterday’s exchange between arguably the best basketball player to EVER play the game Lebron James and Enes Kanter who’s name in Turkish roughly translates to Luc Longley. Jim Croce sang about what not to do…”you don’t tug on Superman’s cape”. Like EVER! Yet these dill wad athletes continue to take shots at this giant of the game both in social media and on the court. This doesn’t make you tough …it doesn’t make you a good player..its make you stupid. Night after night especially in the NBA you see young, brazen and incredibly stupid kids “wake the sleeping giant” in a effort to try and gain some sort of supremacy in November that come the middle of February NO ONE will even remember. Enes Kanter should pay way more attention to his visa status and less about being a “KEYBOARD KING KONG (TM* Mike Miheli)” I’m fairly certain of a couple of things there Enes…LBJ could give a care that you think you are a king at home. He could care less that you want to step up and go toe to toe with him. He’s not intimidated by you or quite frankly anyone on the basketball court. All you did was cost your team the game last evening. The Cavs were dead and buried down 24 at one point but you and your stupid little man teammate Frank “cover your left eye and read “Ntilikina decided to poke the bear. How’d that work out for you? About the same as it always does in MSG land…another loss! So word to the wise out there in Knicks’ville respect is earned not taking..and the way its earned is not tweeting or flapping your gums but by winning on the court. A motivated LBJ is last thing you or anyone wants that’s trying to beat him. As a Cavs fan let me say thanks Enes…you are a shining example of what happens when you go looking for the beast! You become a footnote! So I say in closing to the guy who’s not even as famous Enos the Deputy on the Dukes of Hazzard..”Enes ..kapa ├ženeni!”


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