Uphills Both Ways (aka Pat’s Rants) #2 Same Old Song and Dance

What a difference a year doesn’t make, huh? I posted this picture one year ago today and here we are right back where we started.  A 1 and 15 team last season which in itself should represent the bottom of the barrel but the combination of the Haslam’s, the Harvard educated “brain”trust and the worst coach (in my opinion) in the history of this once proud franchise (and that’s saying something considering some of the names that appear in the history books since 1999) have combined to not only cut out the bottom of said barrel but grabbed a shovel and dug a huge hole underneath it. I’m not sure how they did it but a team completely devoid of any meaningful talent last season was stripped down and sold for parts to the tune of being worse than they were before.  This was done with what seems like 200 draft choices the last two years.  That would be impressive if it wasn’t sad.

Let’s recap…and I will only use the drafts that these guys have had their hands on.. Last year you traded a chance at franchise QB because you assessed that “he would never be a top 20 QB in this league.” An assessment that you have now admitted was flawed. But you did it and gained some extra picks and on a team that needs players it’s not the dumbest idea I’ve heard. You drafted an undersized receiver who, I grant you, is fast but can’t seem to out run the injury bug. Jury’s out but it looks like a wasted pick so far.  You got what I think was your best player to date in the second round and of course in typical Browns fashion he broke his foot yesterday and will miss probably the rest of the year. The third round saw you get a serviceable d-lineman but nothing spectacular, your starting right tackle not because he’s a keeper but because your should be starting right tackle was allowed to walk in free agency even though you are 40 million under the cap and the pick of all picks a QB that would have been available in the 7th round. But your coach “the Quarterback Whisperer” said “TRUST ME…I KNOW WHAT I”M TALKING ABOUT” in an attempt to justify this egregious reach!  How’d that work out there Hue?  The rest of the draft you got some seat fillers and and a bunch of wide outs who are either off the team or worse off for us fans STILL ON THE TEAM. Oh and linebacker Joe Schobert…he can play! That was draft number one.  Mixed yes…but whole lot of missed.

Then this past April ..they had the #1 overall pick and took the consensus #1 player…hard to fault them on that except said player had troubles with injuries and took plays off in college…and guess what sort of the same thing is happening here. When healthy he looks like a beast. When not he looks a lot like Courtney Brown and that is not a good thing! You traded out of the chance to get yourself a potential franchise QB again…I say potential because while Houston seems to have gotten their man in Deshaun Watson his injury has derailed his progress. But so far so good. You got more picks though so ..yeah!!! You drafted a defensive back ..great athlete…who had ONE interception in college and who spent more time playing an undersized linebacker than covering anyone with your second first round pick. Hard to tell what he can do when your D Coordinator has him playing 32 yards off the ball every play so right now he’s a kick returner and not a very good one. You traded some picks to get back into the first round to pick a freak of nature tight end..who for all his abilities can’t block to save anyone’s life. Oh and you don’t play him for long stretches during games even though he creates match-up problems all over the field we were told. So either he can’t play or your coach is an idiot..not sure which it is but the outlook seems iffy. In the second round you got YOUR guy..the guy you coveted…the guy that despite being completely inaccurate at Notre Dame (and lead them to what… a four win season a year ago? ) was going to come in an eventually right the ship ..after replacing the guy you told us “trust me” about.  To say Deshone Kizer is not ready for prime time is a complete under statement but “he’s a young player and he will learn from these mistakes.”  Will he Hue..will he?  Because you would know right? You are the “QB GURU”! Sorry to say Hue…there’s a draft in your Universal Windows Direct window of logic. Plus I’m not inclined to believe you after the Kessler incident.  So no he’s not the future this franchise needs and you’ll be looking again come April.  Well, maybe not you, as you may be looking for something different like a job, but someone will be looking for a quarterback thats for sure. The rest of the draft, 6 players in all, two are gone and they others are extras in this horror movie..except the only people dying in this flick are the fans!!

So two drafts of Moneyball logic and what have we gotten? WORSE: thats what we’ve gotten. But as long as the Scamslams continue to collected $$$$ what do they care? It’s never going to change because there’s no incentive to change it. Say what you want about Art Modell but they guy wanted to win HERE! I’d take him back in a heartbeat if it meant winning football. Hell I’d take Randy Lerner back at this point…anyone know his number?

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