Waiting On the World To Change

A certain amount of luck is required to be successful at anything. But I’m a firm believer that sound decision making affords you the most opportunities to be “lucky”. This, sports fans, is where our Cleveland Browns’ ship comes off the rails. I don’t fault the Haslam’s for trying a new approach in analytics when year upon year upon year of the same old song and dance has put this franchise in historical range of being among the worst ever.¬†I do fault them however for putting a man in change of this new direction that would be better served making sure the shipping manifest are all signed than hiring the crew for the voyage. Sashi Brown is probably a very smart man…but just because he was smart doesn’t mean he had the requisite knowledge in place to put together an actual football team. That was PAINFULLY obvious by watching them play. He did however know how to manipulate the cap to the tune of a $100 million dollar surplus and how to obtain draft picks like he was collecting rocks at the beach. Those good decisions only look that way now because he’s no longer in charge. With the hiring of John Dorsey, the Haslam’s made what appears to be a sound decision for the future of this franchise. Someone, who for the first time has AN ACTUAL track record of surveying, and picking good players. He’s not an up and coming personnel guy or Harvard wiz with a “how hard can it be” approach. He’s a former player who worked his way up through the ranks and was successful at every turn. In other words an ACTUAL FOOTBALL GUY! Refreshing, I know, to think the Haslam’s got something right…but here comes the but…wait for it….they ruined it by keeping the head coach in place. Stability is the buzz word of the day…but how can you say what Hue Jackson provides is stable? I’m not getting into the whys or why nots on Hue…we done that many times already…but this bad decision speaks to the reason they can’t take the steps forward as an organization. They are never taking the requisite steps to ensure forward mobility…at best you make the Dorsey move lateral by saddling him with all ego/no substance head coach. Dorsey could hit on EVERY draft pick and every free agent signing but if the guy steering the ship is the captain of the Exxon Valdez the team will continue to run aground short of port. Changes are coming, that I do know, but will they be a giant step for Browns-kind or will they be another small step off the cliff that is Cleveland Browns fandom. I’m tired, you’re tired…we’re all tired of falling to the rocks below. This sh*t hurts! They say its better to be lucky than good…I would take either one for my favorite football team right about now. Is it draft day yet?¬†#GoBrowns¬†

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