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Let me first start by saying welcome to www.talkbackfans.com.  We appreciate each and everyone of you in the “Nonsense Nation” because without you all we’d talking to ourselves and let’s face it who wants to do that..we’ve got Harv in our group for God’s sake!

As you know, we are trying to expand the podcast’s reach and thanks to you folks we are doing just that. There are plans in place for all kinds of nonsense in the future including our first roadshow at the University of Cincinnati on October the 21st!  

We want this show to be as interactive with our audience as possible (sort of the anti-every other sports talk show ever!) so we need your questions, comments.. concerns..etc…If you know of a someone that would make a great guest on the show, or know of an event we should go and cover or if you just want to call Harv a goof…chime in on Facebook, Twitter or the Contact Us section here on the site and let us know! We welcome any and all feedback as it relates to the nonsense that is TalkBackFans!

Thanks For Watching!



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