What I Miss About Sports II

As we go through this pandemic Danny Boyce has decided to mention some of what he is missing from the sports world.  Some will seem silly, some will seem serious, and there’s a distinct possibility that the reader will feel the opposite of which ones are which.  But again, it’s sports, so enjoy!


Part 2:  The Kentucky Derby




We should have heard that last Saturday.




It is a time when we actually do remember a part of our past.  Back when football or basketball didn’t’ matter as much.  Back when what we consider our “Sunday Best” was standard dress for a sporting event.


It is a time for the gamblers to pretend they know something about horse racing, even though they just started reading about this race the day before (maybe Wednesday; don’t want to insult any gamblers out there).


It is a time to decide if the next two big races are worth watching (Boyce tip:  If the Derby is a close race, you won’t see a Triple Crown Winner).


It is about Secretariat taking his first big step into history.


It is about my dad having to buy a round at Telich’s, including one for his three-month old son, because that kid drew Seattle Slew in the 1977 Derby.  Oh, that three-month old son heard about it 21 years later.  And yes, that 21-year old son bought him a round.  You’d think he paid for high school or something . . .


It is about a Rite of Spring.  That finally the flowers will start blooming, the sun will be out longer, the temperature warmer . . .


And most importantly, it’s about caring about something.


It sounds crazy, but people CARE about the Kentucky Derby.  People show up WANTING to look their best.  For one day a year, horse racing is once again the Sport of Kings.  World Wars didn’t shake it up.  But mess this did.


Damn it.