What I Miss About Sports Part 3

As we go through this pandemic Danny Boyce has decided to mention some of what he is missing from the sports world.  Some will seem silly, some will seem serious, and there’s a distinct possibility that the reader will feel the opposite of which ones are which.  But again, it’s sports, so enjoy!


Part 3:  Sports Clichés


Looking at the Baseball Reference simulated 2020 standings the Yankees are out to an eight game lead in the AL East.  If these were the actual standings somebody during today’s Rangers/Rays game – most likely former Indian Brian Anderson – would likely say something along the lines of “Well, it’s still early.  As the saying goes, ‘you don’t win pennants in May.’”


Usually in a couple of months NFL camps would open up and the first exhibition games would be played.  Inevitably a referee would screw up a call that they will also screw up in the regular season.  Of course, someone from the broadcast crew will say “Well, it’s preseason for the officials, too” and follow it up with a sarcastic chuckle.


And guaranteed at some point during a basketball game, tennis tournament, or golf tournament you will hear some announcer say “They just know how to win.”


Anyone who has read any of my material over the last decade-plus knows what I think of the specific statements, but you know, I’m missing them.  First, we’ve all said them.  At one point we all believed them.  I roll my eyes when I hear them.


I really wish I was rolling my eyes right now . . .